Nature Adventure Taiwan in 5 days

Trip date: November 15-20, 2015

Taipei International Airport


Modern Toilet Restaurant

First agenda, find the restaurant that sells toilet food! The food isn’t wow level but it’s worth trying! Especially its chocolate swirl ice cream on a toilet bowl. I think you know how that looks like. 😉



Taipei Zoo

We heard the Taipei Zoo is great and so decided to pay it a visit. Here are some of the animals we saw.

Elephant Mountain

Instead of going up Taipei 101, we decided to make this trip a bit more unconventional. We decided to climb the stairs of the Elephant Mountain to have a great view of Taipei, including Taipei 101. It becomes more exciting, much more of an adventure, and the view is said to be worth it! Even my parents came up with us so no worries with the older adults.

Elephant Mountain jump off

On our way up! 129381092830 steps to go?!

Almost there! I think?!

Finally, after 312238798 steps! We reached the overlook! It has one of the most beautiful views of the Taipei 101. The Elephant Mountain peak still isn’t here but can be climbed some more. We decided not to do so anymore because we’re with our family including our parents and a younger brother.


Even did some photoshoots by the overlook!


Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

Yehliu Geopark

Way up north from the crowded area of Taipei lies the beautiful natural rock formations of the Yehliu Geopark. It may be 2-3 hours away from Taipei central by bus, but it is worth to visit and explore!


Panoramic view of the park


The famous landmark in the geopark, Queen’s head

The Queen’s head may not look like anything at first, but if you look closely, it is a woman with a crown on its side view. See the Queen’s head now?

Sunset over Yehliu
My favorite shot in Yehliu

Hualien, Taiwan

View from our hotel

Taroko National Park

We wanted a more scenic trip to Taiwan instead of only seeing its city. And so, we took a trip to Hualien by bus for a few hours and drove around the city and into the Taroko National Park! The park is great to be toured by hiring a driver, a taxi, or driving yourself around. We decided to drive ourselves and it was pretty easy to navigate around.

We reached the Taroko Gorge, the sight to see in this park in no time! There are also lots of hiking trails here for those looking for more activities to do.

After the Taroko Gorge, we headed to see the sunset by the cliffs! The ride was a bit longer but so worth it too! The sunset is just beautiful especially seeing the waves crash the rocks beneath the cliff.


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